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Friday, February 22, 2008

yo soy...

Things continue apace.
At the moment, I've taken to studying Spanish. From a book written in French, no less. No, it's not just for the fun and intellectual challenge. I've gone and applied to a doctoral program. And an overachieving one at that. It's based at McGill, but runs through a research station in Panama, so there's a language prerequisite. I'm finding it extremely enjoyable to study a language so closely related to French. As a side benefit it forces me to go back and refresh all those basic things in French that either I never learned, or learned so long ago I've forgotten. And it's much more gratifying to learn basic vocabulary than to study the appropriate uses of pronouns and verb tenses.
In any event, I'm really hoping for this to work out. Half of my potential supervisors (because the program is split between two locations I need two supervisors) are extremely keen for me to start, but nobody has the money to guarantee me a spot. And since I was in some kind of daze for the last few months of last year, I didn't apply for a grant and hence, have no money of my own (which would pretty much let me dictate where and what I wanted to go and do). It's all very much up in the air at the moment, but I'm planning for the best.
In other news, I kind of have a job. I'm not actually working at the moment, but in theory I have a job teaching English. Teaching English may not be one of my life goals, but it helps pay the bills. At least it will if I actually end up teaching. Yes, it is a weird situation.

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