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Saturday, May 17, 2008

damn hippies! get off my lawn!

Living downtown is fabulous*. At least until the weather gets nice and everyone else decides to head down to enjoy the fabulous-ness.

Especially the hippies that live in Trois-Rivières. All three of them. They've decided to take up residence in the small park across the street from our appartment. So on any given sunny afternoon, they're out there drumming. I don't have any inherent problems with drumming, but come on. Who really enjoys listening to drumming circles? Especially when they're trying to listen to the radio? Or trying to do work? Or trying to enjoy the sunshine? Or a beer on the balcony?

I think I might have to invest in a pellet gun to convince them that they should go elsewhere...

Damn hippies.

*Even a tiny downtown like we have here. What it lacks in class it makes up for with proximity to waterfront. And lots of ice cream parlours. I likes me some ice cream.

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