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Sunday, March 29, 2009

but we didn't stop for ice cream

It was a very spring-like weekend around here. The weather on Saturday was warm and sunny, and we were at the Jardin Botannique in Montréal with la belle-soeur and her chum. In an effort to help people forget that there are still big ugly masses of snowbanks everywhere, covered in sand, dirt, and a winter's worth of garbage, the Gardens hold an annual "free flying" butterfly exhibit. Despite the crowds, it was good to get out and see some green growing things. The butterflies, despite being the main attraction, were the least fun part of the day. Due mostly to their being surrounded by people: parents and children with strollers, amateur (and not-so-amateur) photographers with their miscellaneous gear, and of course, the blathering idiots who make you wonder who let them leave the house without a brain. Well, it was to be expected for a Saturday afternoon. Next time I go to the Jardin Botannique, I'll pick a less crowded event.

Now I'm all ready for spring to hit those of us who don't live inside a greenhouse...

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