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Sunday, May 31, 2009

j' heart montréal

In the middle of a torrential downpour I drove into Montreal yesterday. Usually it's Francis who does the driving in the city -- the excuse being that he knows his way around better, so there's fewer navigational problems. But he was already there. I was meeting him and one of his friends for breakfast. Miraculously, I survived, and thanks to our GPS, I even found the spot*. The weather even cleared up.

We had a lovely brunch and wandered around Mile End. We went to used bookstores and bought the best bagels in the world. We found my birthday present -- a used copy of the two volume Compact OED. Including magnifier. Completely unnecessary and impractical. The perfect gift. We had coffee, went to a movie (Star Trek -- quite good actually, and nothing like the terrible previews suggested), and finished with Reubens smoked meat sandwiches.

Now that's the way to celebrate the end of the session.

* I am totally exaggerating. Montreal is not the impossible navigational challenge I make it out to be. I just never have the opportunity to drive there. But the traffic? There is no exaggerating that.

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