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Friday, December 19, 2008

the end of terms

Thank goodness, the school year is over. No more commuting, no more studying, no more exams, no more students, no more teachers. Yesterday was the last day of work for both of us. We celebrated by kicking back with a beer and watching some hockey in our pajamas. And going to bed early. Yes, we are old people now it seems. I'm sure there will be more than enough excitement in a few days...

I'm keeping an eye on the weather in the hopes that the big storm hitting Ontario won't interfere with our Tuesday flight to Alberta. Things look good so far. It's funny though -- I was doing some prep on Thursday for next year's activities, and was scanning headlines across the country. Everyone is complaining about snow, bad weather and poor road conditions. Even Vancouver and their "extreme" weather conditions*. One of the English monitors from Vancouver Island stayed at our place on her way home for Christmas and we all got a good laugh out of the advice that she'd recieved from her parents to "bundle up" because it was below zero there. It was almost as good as the laugh we got out of her observation that scarves were actually really useful, and not just good accessories.

With school of both the secondary and university variety being over, things are much more relaxed. We've got some last minute preparation to do -- mostly cleaning up the appartment** and posting instructions for the cat-sitter that will be staying here while we're away. And packing. I think I'll leave that for later...

* I understand that those west coast people don't see any snow ever, and have no infrastructure to deal with it. It's still funny to see photos of the minimal snow there causing such problems.

** It took three tries to spell that correctly -- stupid cognates!

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