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Friday, January 30, 2009

In the immortal words of my sister, "Is there any time you're NOT busy?"

And the answer to that my friend, is "no".

Oh, you mean you want specifics? Well, there was that whole "Christmas in Alberta" thing, which was a whole lot of fun (and surprisingly relaxing -- considering we spent all that time with the family, touring what is in effect a very large province). Then it was back to work, school and everything else. My work is, well, work. Francis is busy with putting together another new course (Medieval History), but he's more busier with going back to school and tackling his doctorate. I'm taking more courses, but mine are first-year undergraduate ones. This term it's Population Geography, Environmental Law, and Physical Environment. They rate a whole other post...

The sister came for a visit as well, for a whole week! It was great! It was just as well the Australian went home, because I think all of the snow and serious cold (we had a few -30 days) would have scared him. Next time he can come when it's summer. We had fun showing her around, throwing her into snowbanks and making her clean our house. Just joking about that snowbank one. We made a side trip to Ontario to clear her stuff out once and for all, and discovered that shipping to the other side of the world is pretty expensive.

We're also gearing up for more visitors. It seems all of Francis' friends have accepted that we live here, and they're just going to have to suck it up and visit «la rĂ©gion». As a result, we're fully booked until after February. Busy is good, right?

This weekend though, is a big one. We're going for our Christmas present weekend -- tickets to the opera on Saturday, and then the big hockey game on Sunday. That's right. The Bell Centre. The Canadians. The Bruins. Sunday. Sunday, Sunday. Did I mention how spoiled we are? Yeah. We're spoiled. A lot.

Hope your weekend is as good as ours.

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