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Thursday, March 13, 2008

almost good news?

It's no wonder I've been feeling up in the air lately.

I've got numerous job applications on the go, two job interviews successfully completed but still no sign of actual work, an application for graduate school in the fall that seems to still be missing a letter of reference, and another job interview next week. In theory, this means things are going well for me, right? Yes, getting to the interview stage is great. Having a successful interview is better. Having an interview that leads to actual work and a paycheque? It seems that's too much to ask.

Yesterday, I met up with an employer for coffee. We've reached the coffee stage. She gave me a load of materials for teaching, but no hours. We've been trying to arrange this meeting for two weeks now. Sometime soon I may even get to sit in on and/or teach a class. But of course, it all depends on how many students sign up. Such are the trials and tribulations of working for a private language school.

Last week, I dropped off a few applications to work as a supply teacher. Conveniently for me, it was the last day before the start of spring break*. So there wasn't actually anyone around in a position to interview me. I should hear more this week.

And today, I got a call from a potential doctoral supervisor. It seems people are keen to have me, I've theoretically been accepted (with an entrance scholarship no less), but there's no guaranteed funding to make it a lock. So things are moving in a positive direction, but nothing is guaranteed.

I supposed I should be less thrilled about that last one than I am. Of course I'd rather be officially accepted, but hearing that I'm in theoretically is great. It's gotten me all excited about doing things that aren't teaching English. To be honest, the thought of teaching English again kind of makes me want to cry. Even if there's money involved.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed now. I'm going to go study some more Spanish, on the off chance I end up in Panama this summer.

And if anyone out there feels like funding my PhD, I would be happy to accept.

Sorry. Sometimes I have to let these things out. It's funnier if you've watched Arrested Development. "Say goodbye to these!"

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