An anglophone from the west. A francophone town. Hoo boy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

me talk english real good

I did an interview today to teach English in French schools, in the Canadian government's answer to the JET program. The goals are to teach English to French students, and to share the cultures of different provinces.

The interview was all in English, except for a brief batch of questions in French, to see if I was capable of communicating. The interview went well enough that they started talking about what schools they could place me in to take advantage my science background. Of course, being a government program, I won't find out for a while, but it would be a relatively easy, well paying job that would put me in a French-speaking work environment. And (hopefully) keep me in Trois-Rivières.

I'd rather get accepted at McGill and get back into the wide world of science, but it's good to have back-ups.

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